Letter to Key Allegro Residents – Five Weeks After

The birds are coming back. The leaves are returning. The water is a little bluer. Progress being made—one day at a time.



Our biggest topic right now is the checkpoint at the entrance. I thank everyone who volunteered time and now donated funds to keep us running. We will keep it open for at least 5-6 more weeks as we assess future needs.


As of September 30, we’ve raised approximately $18,000 towards the security checkpoint. Our costs for the gate guard service runs $12,750 per month. This covers 2-12 hour shifts and the living quarters. We have looked into contracting with a security service without facilities, but this would run approximately the same costs for only 8-10 hours overnight.


Volunteers to help at the checkpoint during the day can sign up by clicking on this link and signing up: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/wz7za4hxzw4pu343. Simply add yourself as a participant and then click on the dates and time you can volunteer. You can then just show up at the checkpoint and they can explain the drill.


As a reminder, make sure and provide your contractors with an email or printed work order they must have with them when entering the checkpoint stating your name, address, their name and permission to enter your property.



We are all frustrated with how long things are taking to clear debris. You can find the latest report here: http://www.cityofrockport.com/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2570. We may begin hauling off debris from our common grounds soon. Please help us keep them clean. We have contractors illegally dumping residential debris on common grounds which covers up critical utility access points. Latest report from the City of Rockport was the following: “Please continue to be patient. TxDOT has removed 67,414 cubic yards. Crowder/Gulf has removed 352,115 cubic yards and is approx. 38% done”



There is still some confusion over who is going to remove the submerged debris from our waterways. As I’ve stated previously, the GLO reported that they would come in and sonar to find the debris and turn that data over to FEMA to contract removal. There is now confusion over ACND waterways and whether those entities can work in tandem. KACPOA plans to go ahead and begin the process of removing the floating debris in the next week or so, unless we hear different. The submerged debris is the responsibility of the GLO and FEMA. So, it is a waiting game.


KACPOA Offices

We are maintaining our offices at the Allegro House Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Island Manager Chris Veatch will be available to answer questions.


KAPCOA Meeting

As announced, our next board meeting is next Monday, October 9 at 8:30 a.m. in the Allegro House at 29 Mazatlán. We welcome all members of the KACPOA to attend.


Once again, thanks to all our volunteers and homeowners who’ve stepped up and helped out to get things moving on the island. And to our loyal board who are in the background making sound decisions each and every day.


Together, we will rebuild.



Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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