Key Allegro Permits

Please make sure and submit for a Key Allegro Canal and Property Owners Association application for all remodeling, new builds, additions, roofing, decks, docks and pools. Be sure to access a KACPOA permit prior to the City of Rockport permit. All construction must be permitted with the City and with the KACPOA per bylaws and deed restrictions.


You can download a permit application below or pick one up at the Allegro House at 29 Mazatlan.



Permit process for roofing and remodeling is as follows:


  1. Acquire your TWIA or engineering certificate on any and all construction (WPI-1 before construction commences).
  2. Fill out Key Allegro permit and pay fee. Bring to Allegro House at 29 Mazatlan or email to
  3. Go to the City of Rockport to acquire city permit.



If you are building a new home from the ground up, we ask that you provide a preliminary rough sketch and floorplan of your architectural plans prior to developing a full set of architectural drawings. We’d rather have a review in the early stages of architectural development prior to final. This has been very beneficial to owners who have built new homes and allows for a dialogue regarding any potential variances or design guidelines and style changes necessary.


Please allow up to 30 days for the ACC review process on all new construction.


Permit process for new construction is as follows:


  1. Submit your rough elevations (front and back) and floorplan, clearly showing elevations and setback measurements, to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) by emailing to or dropping off at 29 Mazatlan.
  2. The ACC will review your plans and get back to you, usually within 10 days.
  3. Once approved to proceed, complete a full set of construction drawings/final plans.
  4. Submit final plans along with the KACPOA permit to along with permit fee. You can find the permit form below.



The requirement of owners to maintain bulkheads by has been in existence since the beginning of Key Allegro and it is only in the last ten years that bulkhead conditions have deteriorated to the point that the Board must now take a more direct approach with repairs and reconstruction.


Existing Deed Restrictions read as follows:

“Bulkhead construction in boat slips shall be equal in fitting, strength and dimensions to that installed along main canals.  All lot owners shall maintain their canal and waterway bulkheads in good condition, and with sufficient height to prevent saltwater from flowing onto any portion of the lot during normal high tides, and at a minimum, at least one foot (1’) above mean sea level as measured in the canal system.  Maintaining a continuous and cohesive bulkhead system from lot to lot is important to adjacent lot owners and the Association as a whole.  The Association has the right but not the obligation to take action on any lot to maintain a cohesive bulkhead system after notice to a lot owner and failure of the lot owner to take appropriate action.  The lot owner may be held personally liable for costs incurred, and also for damages to another owner’s property directly caused by failure to maintain bulkheads as required herein.”


To that end, the Board is requiring repairs or replacement whenever the homeowner is undertaking a major construction project on the property and/or constructing or removing improvements that negatively impact the integrity of the bulkhead.


We encourage homeowners to work together for a contiguous solution when possible. KACPOA will only permit bulkheads and repairs that have been designed by a licensed professional engineer. If you would like more information, please contact Dudley McDaniel, vice president at 361-229-3015, or Chris Veatch, island manager at 361-557-4252.


Permit process for bulkheads is as follows:


  1. Engage a licensed professional Engineer for the project
  2. We encourage you to work with your neighboring property owners for contiguous bulkhead repairs.
  3. Review the Engineering Study and decide which construction technique best meets your requirement. You can request a site visit with Dudley McDaniel, board vice president, who heads up bulkheads and canals, by sending an email to
  4. Submit your engineered plans along with a KACPOA permit and fee to or in person at 29 Mazatlan. You can find the permit form below.



This following is a guide for our owners as a first step at educating all on bulkhead designs, failure causes and the need to properly repair them. Please use this study alongside you engineer when designing your plan.

Bulkhead Study



The following permit form needs to be filled out and sent to You can also drop it off at The Allegro House located at 29 Mazatlan. Please make checks payable to KACPOA.

Key Allegro Permit Form



Projects under $10,000
$50 fee.


Projects over $10,000
$150 fee for first $10,000 of construction cost.
$2.00 fee per $1,000 in construction costs thereafter.


Variance/Waiver Request
$200 fee.



Deed restrictions for Key Allegro are split up into 5 Units depending on your address. Each Unit has a unique set of Deed Restrictions. To find where your property resides, please see your property plat or legal description of the property. Example: “Lot 41, Block 16, Key Allegro Islands Unit No. 4, City of Rockport, Aransas County, Texas, according to the Plat thereof recorded in Volume 3, Page 44, Plat Records of Aransas County, Texas, and locally known as  00 Curlew, Rockport, Aransas County, Texas 78382.”

Deed Restrictions



The following file is a visual representation of setbacks, building lines, fencing restrictions, height restrictions, dock restrictions, and 45-degree rule.

Visual Guidelines



Below is a link to the City of Rockport permit form. We encourage our owners to apply for a Key Allegro Canal & Property Owners Association permit prior to seeking a City permit. Our restrictions are unique to Key Allegro, and it will help your contractor understand requirements regarding setbacks, height restrictions, bulkhead engineering certification, and dock requirements. City of Rockport Building Code provides windstorm, elevation, and construction technique mandates.

Rockport Permit Form



Following are Texas Department of Insurance guidelines. Please consult a qualified windstorm engineer on all your construction projects. Strict requirements must be followed to ensure insurability and compliance with TDI, TWIA,  FEMA and the City of Rockport.

Important TDI Documents