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Since the third week after the storm, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), along with the Board, have been studying the effects of the damage Harvey caused on our island. The debris field created by extremely high winds was very unique in that we had both sustained winds of 140+ MPH, and targeted tornadic activity randomly destroying structures. We experienced tile and concrete roofs which were blown loose by both wind and flying debris. Asphalt shingles were lifted and removed by extreme winds. Metal roofs were destroyed by flying debris and some even lifted off structures.


Outlawing certain roof material was considered in early discussions. But after careful review and consulting with leading engineers who understand coastal construction, the ACC, with full support from the Board, has decided to raise windstorm standards on Key Allegro to improve outcomes from future storms.


As such, the Board voted at the November meeting to adopt what is called the FORTIFIED Home program. By doing this, we would ensure our member’s residences are rebuilt resilient. The program would not dramatically increase costs, especially on how roofs are installed. However, the requirements have a dramatic effect on the performance of your residence


For more information on the FORTIFIED Home program, go to


The program will roll out over time to ensure there are ample Fortified Evaluators to provide inspections. As of today, the program is voluntary for those owners who want to adopt Fortified standards and reap the benefits. Once we have Owners aware, Contractors trained, and ample Evaluators in place, we will launch the program officially. We want homeowners to be able to study the program before final launch. 


Below are are some good Fortified program educational materials to review.


Bronze/Silver/Gold Differences


Roofing (Bronze)


New Home Fortified


Existing Home Fortified 




Below you can download the City of Rockport guidelines regarding substantial damage and building restrictions. If your property sustained damage during Hurricane Harvey greater than 50% of the value of the structure, you are required to rebuild to City of Rockport building codes and elevation requirements.


For more information, please call the City of Rockport Building and Development Department at 361-790-1125.

50% Substantial Damage



All contractor vehicles must be vetted through the City of Rockport registration process. If you are using a contractor who is not vetted, please have them go to the City of Rockport Public Works Department located at 2751 TX-35 Bypass between Market Street and Pearl Street (under the Rockport water tower). Below is the decal they will be given for all vehicles. Make sure your contractor is compliant.


Contractors need to have permission to enter your residence at the entrance  checkpoint. We are trying our best to control access. If you engage a contractor, please let them know they need:


  1. Some form of work order clearly listing your name, address, mobile number and work to be done.
  2. A letter from you stating the contractor’s name, address and phone number, the work to be done, and your name, Key Allegro address and mobile phone number.
  3. An email or text on a mobile device with the contractor with your name, Key Allegro address, your mobile number and the name of the contractor.


Please be aware of scam contractors calling you to work on your home to secure it. Work with your insurance provider first.


Here are some helpful tips from the Texas Department of Insurance on hiring a contractor for home repairs:

  • Call your insurance company first. Your insurance company can give you advice on what repairs should cost.
  • Use local companies. Make sure to check their references and phone numbers.
  • Get written estimates. These should be on the company’s letterhead with clear contact information.
  • Get more than one bid. This will help you decide which offers are legitimate and which may be too high or too good to be true.
  • Do not pay for repairs up front. Good contractors will typically require a partial payment up front to get started, but your final payment should be made after the job is finished.
  • If you feel pressured or threatened, call the police.
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