December 2018 Report to Homeowners

Happy Holidays from your Board of Directors. It’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close.


If you missed the Tropical Christmas celebration Saturday evening, December 1st, you missed a great parade, bands and a beautiful fireworks display over Little Bay. You can see a video of the finale here.


The board and committees have been busy working on several key initiatives. Below is an update.



  • Key Allegro Bridge Update
  • New Street Signs Being Installed Across the Island
  • Public Realm Committee Update
  • 2019 Slate of Board Candidates Available on the Website
  • New Urban Design Code Ready for Member Review
  • CCRs and Community Manual Ready for Member Review
  • Special Damage Assessment Update
  • Annual Meeting Date Announced

Key Allegro Bridge Update

The bridge project seems to be going through unnecessary bureaucratic cycles. We are in constant contact with state representatives to push this project forward on your behalf.

The City of Rockport asked for and received agreement that we will be provided a written action plan with timelines and scope of work.

Weekly update meetings are being held between the City of Rockport (Mayor Pat Rios, Public Works Director Mike Donoho, City Manager Kevin Carruth), the Aransas County Long Term Recovery Team, representatives from FEMA, ACND (Harbor Master Keith Barrett), United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), and Congressman Michael Cloud (Eric Lawrence). 

Originally, we had reported USACE had been directed by FEMA to design and plan a temporary bridge system that would have been installed just south of the current bridge. We received a copy of the plan a few weeks ago. It was anticipated a temporary bridge would be in place within 60-90 days of the report. However, costs of the temporary bridge ballooned to over $1,000,000. As such, FEMA has scuttled the temporary bridge in favor of keeping the current bridge in working order and building a new bridge system. Nothing has been done to date to keep the bridge in working order other than a revetment project on the north side (completed by the city) and divers who inspect the foundation of the bridge periodically. 

The bridge project was sent to a FEMA department for Scope and Formulation and for a review under critical infrastructure. We have been told FEMA has committed 90% of the funding with the balance coming from TxDOT. The project remains in the design phase.

City talks for land acquisition are in progress and are dependent on the final design and placement of the new structure. The city also received a commitment that the channel under the current bridge will be widened in order to prevent future bottlenecks due to rain and high water.

As we know more about specific designs and construction dates, we will provide an update.

Please remember, the KACPOA is not responsible for managing or funding this project. This is a city, state and federal project. 

Public Realm Committee Update

The Public Realm committee has worked with the City of Rockport to produce our custom street signs for Key Allegro. The new signs incorporate our logo and are reflective at night for safety. These are being installed over the next few weeks and will be maintained by the city.
The test for the LED street lights has been approved by the city. We are pushing hard to get AEP to install this test in the next few weeks. These will be placed along Bay Shore Drive.
As part of the overall public realm plan, circles and islands across the community will be replanted. In order to show proof of concept and get a better handle on costs, we are demoing the island at the corner of Luau and Sandpiper as well as the corner of Flamingo and Bayshore as soon as possible. Our large palm trees will not be demoed. All hardscapes and planting that is diseased or not native to the area will bere moved. The committee chose those destinations as they will be the most visible for our homeowners.
Blue Heron Park design plans are prepared, and an RFP will be going out to contractors soon. You can see the plans on the website. Owner feedback is welcomed by sending an email to If you would like to participate or recommend someone fort he bidding process, please contact Committee Chair Lynn Powers at
Allegro House plans are due from our urban planner Mark Schnell by the end of December. We are in the process of doing an asbestos test to guide pre-construction remediation. We should have results of the study in another week.
Bay Shore Drive HOA-owned beach area plans are due from Schnell at the end of January.

Board Candidates

November 30 was the deadline for seeking candidacy for the 2019 slate of open board seats. A list of KACPOA board candidates along with their candidate questionnaires can be found on the website.

Key Allegro Design Code Ready for Review

Over the last 10 months, the Architectural Control Committee has worked very hard to develop a new Design Code for Key Allegro. This important document guides our community regarding deed restrictions and design guidelines. Changes in building codes before and since Harvey have created a need for clarity around restrictions like building heights and minimum elevations.

A copy of the document can be found on the website. We welcome and encourage all of our members to review the Design Code and provide feedback by email to, or mailed to KACPOA, 1809 Bay Shore Drive, Rockport, Texas 78382.

Key Allegro Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Community Manual

Changes in Texas law have rendered our current covenants out of date with regard to certain provisions. Therefore, the Board of Directors has been working with the Association’s law firm, Winstead PC, to develop new, up to date CCRs.
This is a new, legally-binding document that will be officially recorded and will cover the rights and obligations of the homeowners association to our members and vice versa. These cover:
– property use restrictions
– maintenance obligations for the HOA and members
– rule enforcement and dispute resolution
– assessment obligations
– and more
A Community Manual has also been developed which covers rules & regulations and are a catch–all for the things that aren’t covered in the Bylaws orCC&Rs. These are often the rules that might need revising over time due to changes in the community. For example, our HOA might have a rule that states the pool rules and schedule. This rule would not be a part of the community’s CC&Rs because it might need to change seasonally.

Please review these important documents by downloading them from the website. All comments are welcomed by the membership of the KACPOA and should be emailed to, or mailed to KACPOA, 1809 Bay Shore Drive, Rockport, Texas 78382.

The Board will be taking action to finalize approval and adoption in February. 

Special Damage Assessment

The Special Damage Assessment that was established after the storm was due from KACPOA members by September 30, 2018. Owners who have not paid the assessment were sent letters extending that deadline to November 30, 2018. Members who requested a payment plan by the November 30 deadline will bere receiving written responses in the next 30 days. If you did not receive this letter and statement or would like to request a payment plan, please send an email to by December 31, 2018.

Annual Meeting to be Held February 23rd.

The Annual Meeting of the Key Allegro Canal and Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in the Allegro House. All members of the KACPOA are welcome to attend the meeting. We will be hosting a lunch immediately following.

We encourage our members to participate in local charities this year where they can. A few examples are below:

Aransas County Angel Trees
Please stop by the Aransas County Attorney’s office, Key Allegro Realty, Remax or Stewart Title to sponsor a child in need.

Odyssey After School Enrichment Program 
A great long-standing program in Rockport. Visit their website for donation opportunities. 

Operation Blue Santa
Help provide kids in our area the opportunity to “Shop with a Cop” on December 15. Anyone interested in donating to Operation Blue Santa is encouraged to contact Nikki Yarnall at the RPD at (361) 790-1101 or More info is available here

Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritans 
Helps our neighbors across Aransas County. Visit their website for donation needs. 

Donate clothing and other items to their thrift shop for neighbors in need. Hours are Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Location is 211 W. Market in Rockport. 

Things continue to improve on the island and around the city. As a reminder, please try and support our local business owners when you can. They are coming back strong and need our support.  
Together, we will rebuild.

Dave Foster
President, KACPOA

Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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