July 2018 Report to Members



It’s hard to believe summer is practically over. The older I get the faster time goes. 


Each and every day things are getting better and better. Maybe not with our bridge, but there is a lot of construction on the island and new build permits moving fast. 



Fourth of July Celebration a Resounding Success


We could not have made it happen without the hard work of Bonnie Carlise, Keitha Spiekerman and all the volunteers who put many long hours into the Fourth of July Celebration held at Blue Heron Park. From great music, to good food, to kids games and even the dunking booth, our owners were able to come out and enjoy what will definitely become an annual tradition on the island.

We would love your input about this event and future events. You can help us by filling out a survey here.



FEMA Agrees to Remove Storm Debris


Rockport Mayor, Pat Rios and Aransas County Judge, Burt Mills delivered some exciting news to us recently—Key Allegro canals are finally going to get cleaned up!


You can thank Mayor Rios, Judge Mills (along with the Aransas County Long Term Recovery Team) and U. S. Sen. Ted Cruz for this one. Senator Cruz came down to ensure progress was being made in Aransas County. The officials toured Key Allegro first.


Mayor Rios and Judge Mills provided the senator with a compelling argument about our waterways regarding hurricane precedents and the health and safety of our residents. The senator then persuaded the right folks at the federal level and made it happen.


The project is scheduled to start in August. It is my understanding that all areas affected will be cleaned (Aransas County canal communities). Contracts are in the works. Once we know specific timing for Key Allegro, we will let everyone know.


Thank a Board member. This has been a top priority and a weekly push by our officials for the last 11 months.


Pool Reopens


The Allegro House pool is now open through the summer until we can finalize the remodel plans for the facility—in other words it will be a bit undeveloped, with pool area, bathrooms and chairs, but no real shade, landscaping or other accommodations. If you had a pool fob that survived the storm, it should work on the entrance gate.


Bridge Update


Until further notice, the bridge will be down to one lane traffic going on and off the island. We understand the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is in the early stages of planning for a new bridge system. To date, a schedule to begin construction has not been set.


Elections of New Board Members


For the three year terms 2019 – 2021, the KACPOA Board will fill five positions at the upcoming February annual homeowners meeting. Rickey Williams, Rocky Martin, Routt Thornhill and Julia Dutton terms are expiring and we are adding one more member to fill the total to 11. Rickey Williams and Rocky Martin will be running again for a second term.




Rickey Williams  2017 – 2019
Rocky Martin  2017 – 2019
Routt Thornhill  2017 – 2019
Julia Dutton  2017 – 2019
Dave Foster  2018 – 2020 (second term)
Helen Hough  2018 – 2020 (second term)
Dudley McDaniel   2019 – 2021 (second term)
Debbie Kahanek   2019 – 2021 (second term)
Susan O’Bryant   2019 – 2021 (second term)
Mike Patton   2019 – 2021 (second term)



The Board is requesting interested members of the KACPOA, who would like to run for a board seat, please send your request and Bio to the Nominating Committee Chair Susan O’Bryant by emailing ladysuz2@gmail.com.

Board meetings are monthly and several other interim meetings are scheduled as well. Interested homeowners who have the time to commit to the Board have until November 15, 2018 to submit their names for nomination.


No August Board Meeting


As with tradition, the Board takes August off from our regular monthly meetings. We will resume Monday, September 10 at 8:30 a.m.




Together, we will rebuild.


President, KACPOA





Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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