Key Allegro Bridge Update

  • TxDOT design and engineering are complete
  • Bids will go out to construction contractors this month
  • The construction contract will be awarded to the successful bidder in March 2020
  • Construction of the rerouted utilities starts this month
  • Construction of the bridge system is scheduled to start in July 2020 and completed July 2021
  • The bridge system will have all-new lighting to match new street lighting going up across Key Allegro
  • Once completed, the KACPOA will construct new monument signage, landscaping, and lighting at the entrance


As a reminder, the new bridge will have much better sightlines, longer approaches, a wider span (as much as double the existing) similar height as the current bridge, better lighting, and walk/bike paths on both sides.


Also, the Key Allegro bridge is a City of Rockport and State-funded project. The KACPOA is not responsible for the funding or construction of the bridge system.


Happy New Year from your Board of Directors.


Dave Foster, President 
Lynn Powers, Treasurer
Debbie Kahanek, Secretary
Brink Brinkerhoff
Helen Hough
Susan O’Bryant
Ed Rainwater
John Schwarz
Keitha Spiekerman
Rickey Williams

Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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