Key Allegro Debris Removal 

FEMA Street Debris Removal
We have been told by a reliable source that FEMA contracted trucks will be on the island early next week.


NOTICE: They will NOT pick up any debris in front of your residence if it is not separated as we have communicated in the past (see link button below). If it is not separated, you will have to haul it off. Call your contractor and have them separate the debris as soon as possible. Bottom line: if it is not separated as required, it will not be picked up.


Key Allegro Common Grounds
We have begun preparing debris for removal on Key Allegro common grounds. Please do not dump your property debris on community common grounds or neighboring property. Hate to say it this way, but it is illegal dumping and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Key Allegro Canal Debris
We began removing FLOATING debris from the canals today and will continue until all is removed.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Chris Veatch at or call 361-557-4252.



Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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