Letter to Key Allegro Residents — Eight Weeks After

Debris is gone—mostly. Common grounds are getting cleared and scraped. High tides are still a problem but manageable. Large sunken vessels are being recovered. And a cool north breeze hit Rockport as I write this update.



Following are some new items, reminders and updates to other important topics. Some of this information is redundant to previous reports. We want to make sure we are communicating the most important top-of-mind topics.



Our Bridge

The entrance bridge to the island was damaged in the storm, especially the walk paths on each side. The bulkhead on the northwest side of the bridge has also been compromised which caused a washout of the embankment. This coming Tuesday evening, the Rockport City Council will vote on releasing emergency funds to repair the bulkhead and the bridge. We’ve been working with the City for a few years on a plan to expand the walk paths and sidewalk entrances to make it safer for pedestrians. This plan should be approved at the meeting. We have committed KACPOA funds for new lighting on the bridge which will be incorporated into the overall budget. You can find the Agenda for the meeting here: http://www.cityofrockport.com/DocumentCenter/View/13361





As previously mentioned, the KACPOA voted on a special assessment at the October meeting. You will receive a mailing in the next few weeks with details. You can find the minutes of the October meeting here: http://keyallegroisland.com/board-updates/




At the November board meeting (Monday, November 13), we will discuss our 2017 budget with the goal of ratifying a revised version to finish the year. We will also review a 2018 draft budget.



Deed Restrictions

At the November meeting, we will also discuss our current deed restrictions and potentially add new windstorm building standards. We’ve been working with engineers and the City of Rockport to ensure we are in agreement since we will likely be out in front of any city code changes.



We will also discuss changes to our maximum building height restrictions. It is a foregone conclusion that we must change our current 35-foot maximum height measurements in compliance with required FEMA and City code elevations. Minimum requirements for first floor elevations (FFL) are causing conflicts with resilient building design standards. Lot elevations in Key Allegro range from 3 to 7 feet above Mean Sea Level (MSL). Code requirements mandate a minimum 7’- 6” FFL in most areas. Owners are encouraged to build FFL higher than this level if feasible.




We continue to remove surface/floating debris with emergency funds. This project is not intended to remove all debris, but to at least clear what we find is a navigation hazard. There is some confusion that the KACPOA has committed to remove all submerged debris with assessment funds. This is not in the plan. We are firm with our position that public funds should pay to remove submerged debris in the canals.



Owners should take extreme caution when boating in the canals and bays.




Just another reminder that owners need to seriously consider bulkhead repair or replacement if you fall below the 1 foot above MSL minimum requirements. Continued overtopping of your bulkhead washing dirt into the canal is not a sustainable situation. Your property will eventually be compromised. We recently completed a bulkhead assessment and study which can be found here: http://keyallegroisland.com/building-permits/. Please use this as a guide when considering repair or replacement.




Permits can be downloaded here: http://keyallegroisland.com/building-permits/. Please email these to permits@keyallegroisland.com or drop them by to Chris Veatch at the KACPOA offices located at 29 Mazatlan. It is best to receive your KACPOA permit prior to a City of Rockport permit.



We continue to make great strides towards our goal of rebuilding Key Allegro into the greatest community in the coastal bend. Thank you for your trust in us as we make decisions on your behalf.



Together, we will rebuild.




Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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