Letter to Key Allegro Residents – Seven Weeks After

Dear Neighbors, 

It seems things are settling down a bit. While there are still piles of debris, we’re finally getting out in front of the cleanup. A long way to go, but progress is being made. The conversations have moved on to issues around settling with insurance and dealing with windstorm and flood regulations that can all be incredibly hard to navigate.



Board Decisions
At last Monday’s KACPOA Board meeting, we had a great showing of support from our owners. I thank each of you who were able to attend. And the outpouring of support is what repays the hours of work your board has accomplished on your behalf.


At the meeting, we discussed numerous pressing issues that needed board approval. You can read about the specifics in the minutes of the meeting available on our website. Special Assessments are never something anyone wants to execute in normal situations. But as we all know we are under unique situations now. We passed an assessment that was necessary to begin to rebuild the infrastructure and common grounds of the island. Please know that the Board took this very seriously and labored over the right thing to do.


To ease the burden, the assessment can be paid over four equal installments and all due by September 30, 2018. You can see why we had to execute this assessment at this early date since we will not be able to begin any phased work until funds are collected.



We’ve been collecting information about TWIA and private insurance claims issues over the last few weeks. It seems it is all incredibly inconsistent in the way adjusters are managing claims, and a huge disparity between one residence to the next. We ask that each of our owners be very diligent in working with your claims adjuster. And be very firm in your expectations of a settlement. Some adjusters are savvy to our building codes and the high cost of construction—others seem oblivious. It makes little sense to what should be a formulaic system of data and construction calculations. Your HOA cannot recommend or guide you through the process, but we ask that you provide your own scope of work and costs back to your carrier, and negotiate hard.



Building Codes and FEMA Elevation Requirements
Building requirements are raising first floor elevations of homes higher and higher in coastal areas to survive future storms. This is putting pressure on our current 35-foot building height restriction. This creates more confusion since our height restriction is measured from the center line of the street in front of your property—a static measurement. And since the first-floor elevations are being raised, it compresses the overall volume of height you can design within your home.


As such, we have decided to begin raising the overall height allowances and are looking at specific variances on all new builds. As we’ve mentioned, please make sure and provide us with a rough elevation plan of your new build PRIOR to finalizing a set of architectural plans so that we can consider any variances. It will save you time and money in the end. Provide your rough elevations to Chris Veatch, Island Manager, or Rickey Williams, Chair of the Architectural Control Committee.



Building Codes and Windstorm Requirements
All we can say here is make sure to acquire the required engineering certificates on everything you do, especially roofs. And make sure they are compliant with current City of Rockport building codes for windstorm ratings. It is the responsibility of your engineer and contractor to ensure they are compliant, but it will fall back to you if they did not follow due diligence on all building materials and installation techniques.


We are still in conversations to raise our wind ratings on all construction on the island, but it is a complicated process and requires alignment with City of Rockport code. Our goal is to provide a higher level of protection to our owners in the case of another storm of this magnitude.



As we reported at the board meeting, our bulkheads are at their end-of-life and many must be rebuilt. We ask that all owners who’ve had to demolish their residence and are considering rebuilding, or anyone who has to rebuild their docks, reach out to us regarding their bulkhead (Chris Veatch or Dudley McDaniel). We just completed a bulkhead study and have guidance on building techniques. This study will be posted on the website in the coming week.



As a reminder, you must permit with the City of Rockport AND the Key Allegro Canal and Property Owners Association. City code requirements must be followed and KACPOA deed restrictions are unique to our island, including setbacks, sightlines, fencing, and more. We ask that you receive a KACPOA permit prior to a City of Rockport permit. This will ensure you have met your own unique requirements and are not in conflict with the City.


You can find KACPOA permits and other important deed restrictions information here.



Our checkpoint operation is still up and running to the best of our ability. And we thank each owner who has donated to the operation and volunteered tireless hours. We will provide an audit of all monies raised in the next few weeks. Data from the Rockport Police Department proves that this strategy has greatly reduced crime and allowed us the ability to provide RPD with license plates of suspicious vehicles.



November Board Meeting
Our next board meeting will be held Monday, November 13 at 8:30 a.m. in the Allegro House. We’ve had requests to move the meeting to a weekend day. If we can accommodate, we will announce the change of date and time.



All of us on the Board and on the management and maintenance team continue to appreciate all our owners who have stepped up and supported us. It makes a difference that their efforts are recognized by you.


It is great to hear that around 75% of the students returned to Rockport/Fulton schools this week. And as I write this from Dallas, hopefully some of you are enjoying Seafair.



Together, we will rebuild.


Dave Foster
Key Allegro Canal and Property Owners Association

Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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