Letter to Residents. Four Weeks After.

As write this, piles of debris seem to keep mounting on our island. And I realize we’re all getting a bit impatient with the cleanup. We’ve been pushing pretty hard on everyone from the county to the city to state representatives to FEMA. But when you truly sit back and look at the magnitude of the cleanup, you start to realize it will not happen as quick as we’d all like it to.


Consider this. Each and every household on Key Allegro could average 2-3 rolloff dumpsters to get all the debris off the island over our bridge. That does not include the common areas which have been dumped on as well. That is roughly over 2500 dumpsters of debris. Needless to say, it’ll be awhile. That said, a nudge to any influential official you may have equity with could help your board get things moving faster.


Monday, October 9 is our next KACPOA board meeting. The meeting will be held at 8:30 am in the Allegro House at 29 Mazatlan. You can find the agenda for the meeting here: http://keyallegroisland.com/board-updates/. We have a lot to cover at the meeting, and we invite all homeowners to attend.


Also, we’ve launched this new website at www.keyallegroharvey.com to keep everyone informed and provide important forms and documents. Sign up for alerts and help us gather email addresses for all homeowners. This catastrophe has taught us that we don’t have sufficient contact info for our owners. And we have an aggressive goal to collect emails and phone numbers of all our residents by end of October.


We are trying to keep the security checkpoint at the entrance as long as we can. But funds are growing tighter and tighter. If you’d like to donate to this specific strategy to keep us safe, please Make checks to KACPOA and drop it off to Chris, our island manager. at the Allegro House, 29 Mazatlan, or mail it to Johnson & Creekmore, 2611 Highway 35 N, Rockport, Texas 78382. Attn: Oly. Johnson and Creekmore is our accounting firm. Make sure to put on the check memo line “security checkpoint donations”. I’ll let everyone know what we raise to keep it open. As I’m sure you agree, it has helped a lot.


We are in the final draft of a newsletter that will go out soon. We only have around 30% of our islanders on the Nextdoor platform, so the newsletter will be a chance to get as much information as possible out to all our homeowners.


So, your board has a lot to accomplish in the next few months. And we are being very aggressive with our plans and timelines. It will take some time. But with the spirit and drive to make it all happen that we’ve seen from each homeowner of our island, it will get done.


Together, we will rebuild.



Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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