March 2018 Report to Members

The Annual KACPOA Homeowner’s Meeting was very well attended with over 200 members represented. We all squeezed into the Allegro House to hear updates from local officials and reports from the Board of Directors and associated committees.


I appreciate all who attended and asked questions and provided feedback. Immediately following, we hosted a member lunch. From the comments I heard, this was a well-received event where many homeowners met new neighbors for the first time.




– Annual Meeting Report

– Financial Update

– Report from Public Realm Planning Sessions

– FEMA Ends Debris Pickup

– Construction Debris in Trash Bins Will Not be Picked Up

– Canal Debris Cleanup



Annual Meeting Report

As mentioned, we had a great turnout at the annual meeting and were honored to have several local government officials attend and bring us up to date on City- and County-wide progress. In attendance were Mayor CJ Wax, Mayor Pro Tem Pat Rios, City Manager Kevin Carruth, Police Chief Tim Jaroe, Commander Larry Sinclair, Commander Jerry Lawing, and Aransas County Long Term Recovery representative William Whitson.


The news of the meeting was Kevin Carruth reported a new bridge will be constructed to the island. A Texas Department of Transportation study found the life of the existing bridge is too short to spend money on major repairs, and a new bridge would be more cost efficient in the long-run. However, this will not happen quickly. It may take years to develop a plan and implement.


I will not go into too much detail here—you can download minutes and Q&A of the meeting on the website. Here are the highlights:

– I provided a report on the unprecedented weather we experienced during Harvey. You can find the slides here.

– Treasurer Mike Patton provided a financial report as of 12/31/2017 and the 2018 budget. You can download the financials on the website.

– We reviewed 2017 achievements prior to the storm. Details of those are in the meeting presentation. Highlights include completing the bulkhead study, finalized the $2.4 million funding of the Bay Shore revetment project (funds are in the State Treasury now), improved communications, revised restrictive covenants, and launched mechanized trash.

– ACC reported on progress with a new Design Code and DR plan post-Harvey; as of December 31, 79 homes had been demolished and an additional 25-40 will likely be razed; 82 permits were applied for prior to Harvey in 2017, with 240 post-Harvey.


I’d like to personally thank Susan O’Bryant, Debbie Kahanek, Mike Patton and Dudley McDaniel who agreed to another term on the board and were approved by membership at the meeting. Most Board members are ready to retire in a normal year—but this is not a “normal” year. For these individuals to step up and commit again shows the dedication and passion your Board has to ensure we recover strong.



Financial Update

As of February 28, 2018, total Assets of the KACPOA were $2,880,039 (inclusive of Cash of $1,593,832, Dues Accounts Receivable of $271,720, Special Assessment Accounts Receivable of $760,274, and Prepaid Insurance of $15,733). Total Liabilities were $1,656,855 (inclusive of $1,324,400 in Deferred Revenue – Special Assessment; we are accounting for the Special Assessment capital improvements in this way since it is a committed expenditure).


We have received approximately 73% of the Special Assessment. The Special Assessment is due in full by September 30, 2018.



Report from Public Realm Planning Sessions

Owner input sessions were held Saturday, March 3rd for Public Realm planning. Mark Schnell of Schnell Urban Design and Adam Barbe, Landscape Architect provided a report and ran the sessions. We had very productive input from owners. We also had 177 owners complete the online survey which provided guidance regarding homeowner priorities.


Mark and Adam took this input and began working on preliminary plans for all common areas of the island. Their work has focused on creating a sense of community for our owners, not just re-landscaping.


The online survey will close March 31. If have not taken the survey already, please do so here. We will post the results on the website once completed. A committee is being formed to help the Board with the commons rebuild project.



FEMA Ends Storm Damage Debris Pickup

As of March 14, 2018, debris can no longer be pushed to the right of way for pick up and disposal. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Aransas County Long-Term Recovery Hotline at 361-790-9496 or email at


Any storm or construction debris placed on the public right of way after March 14 will be considered a violation of public dumping laws. Each homeowner will be responsible for its removal. Please be advised the City and County have stated there will be a zero-tolerance rule for dumping by contractors.
Find more by visiting here.



Trash Bins

Republic Waste will not pick up trash bins containing construction debris. Only household garbage can be placed in the bins, and in no case will recycled bins be picked up housing anything other than approved recycled materials.



Canal Cleanup

Last but not least, I know I sound like a broken record, but I’ve been assured by the County and City they are close to resolving the issues regarding submerged debris in the canals and Little Bay. I can’t tell you specifics of timing yet, but as soon as I hear anything, I will let you know. This is a priority for the Board and continues to be a public health and safety concern. As previously stated, we ask all owners and their guests to stay out of the canals until they have been cleared of all submerged debris. And strictly no diving into the canals.



I will report progress as we make headway. As always, we appreciate our members and their positive support.


Together, we will rebuild.


President, KACPOA

Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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