May 2018 Report to Members



The vintage photo is of the very beginning of Key Allegro taken back in 1964 when a coastal tidal area transformed into one of the best developments on the Texas Coastal Bend with vision, spirit and innovation. Those same attributes drive us forward today. 


Great progress has been made in the last few months. We realize it’s hard to see this progress physically, but a lot of planning has been going on in the background.



Fourth of July Celebration Scheduled


Key Allegro Homeowners are invited to join us in celebrating our great country on July 4th


When: Wednesday, July 4, 9am-noon

Where: Blue Heron Park, Key Allegro (Blue Heron Drive @ Blue Heron Circle)


Come enjoy great food, music, games and neighbors! We will have a dunking booth, bounce houses, face painters, a watermelon eating contest, raffles, games, Kona Ice snow cones and more. Free tickets will be provided for up to four people per household for food. Additional tickets may be purchased.


No vehicle parking will be allowed on Blue Heron, so please come by golf cart, bike, stroller, or foot. Parking will be restricted to respect our neighbors on the street, but parking is permissible on Bay Shore Drive. Unfortunately, due to space and safety, no pets will be allowed.


Bring cash for donations for the Bloody Mary & Mimosa bar, dunking booth, and brand new Key Allegro merchandise.


A portion of proceeds will benefit Key Allegro Neighbors in Need. Remaining proceeds will be used to allow our community to host this and other events to encourage community building.


A team of volunteers will be needed on the days before and the day of the celebration. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up at the Allegro House or you can email


Sponsors, we need you! Corporate, family, and general sponsorships are available. If you are interested in sponsoring this event and supporting the KACPOA, please email for more information on sponsorship opportunities.


We hope you can make it!


     Key Allegro Events Committee


Pool Set to Reopen


The Public Realm Advisory Committee along with the Board has decided to open the pool on a temporary basis over the summer months. We are unsure of an opening date, but will alert you once we are ready. And please bear with us. This will only be through the summer until we can finalize the remodel plans for the facility—in other words it will be a bit undeveloped, with pool area, bathrooms and chairs, but no real shade, landscaping or other accommodations. If you had a pool fob that survived the storm, it should work on the gate once we get it reinstalled.


Payment Deadlines


A friendly reminder that annual dues deadline was May 15 and the deadline for the final payment of the Special Assessment is September 30, 2018.


Revetment Project Update


As you may know, we are waiting on funds to trickle down from the State Treasury to get started on the Bay Shore revetment project. We had hoped to start the project and be completed prior to the 2018 storm season. We hope to hear final funding dates within the next two weeks and will report when things get started.


The Aransas County Long Term Recovery (LTR) Team has also submitted a proposal to FEMA for 17 projects totaling $95 million. These projects are for properties within the county, city, and navigation district.


Report from Public Realm Committee


A committee has been formed to work with Schnell Urban Design in developing the master plan for the island rebuild. Design work is already under way and some great concepts are on the table. The plan includes Bay Shore and open beach areas, Allegro House and pool, Blue Heron park, the entrance, and road islands.


The committee will be prioritizing the plan based on member input from the survey, funding requirements and timing of the revetment project and bridge replacement. We hope to have a phase of the plan in the works by late fall. Plans will be provided to the membership for review prior to beginning the first phase.


The online survey is now closed and results are posted on the website.

Compliance with Covenants and Deed Restrictions


All of us on the Board have been very compassionate with our neighbors since the storm regarding maintaining properties and removing hazardous debris. We continue to offer our homeowners any help they need to move forward. We’ve sent letters to destroyed properties untouched since the storm. We’ve called and sent letters to owners who are not maintaining their yards. We’ve sent letters to owners who have a violation that needs attention.


We are now at a point where we must begin using legal means to bring properties into compliance with our Covenants and Deed Restrictions. As such, we will begin sending certified letters to owners who have ignored our continued request and begin the fining process. We must maintain our properties to the standard that has been set by our collective requirements. And we must preserve our property values.


A committee has been formed to help the board develop a new process to ensure member compliance with our bylaws, covenants and deed restrictions. We always want to be good neighbors as board members, but we also are pledged to uphold the guidelines that govern our community and protect our property values. If you receive a violation letter, it is due to a specific non-compliance issue. We will do anything we can to help resolve the problem, but need your immediate attention to the matter.


You can find a full set of Covenants and Deed Restrictions documents on the website.


New Construction Permits


We are seeing a steady increase in permit requests for new construction. We ask our owners who are building a new home or doing a major remodel to the outside of the structure to please provide a rough elevation of their project PRIOR to finalizing their plans. We are looking at each project for variance requirements, especially height changes. You can find all permitting guidelines and forms on the website.




There has been some confusion regarding requirements when repairing or rebuilding bulkheads on Key Allegro. To clarify, you must permit all bulkhead work with the KACPOA. You must provide a stamped, engineered set of plans that follow the bulkhead repair recommendations provided in the Key Allegro Bulkhead Repair Engineering Analysis document as closely as possible. If you are doing major construction on your property, you must bring your bulkhead into compliance with KACPOA Deed Restrictions. Major construction is defined as a new home, new addition, new pool, or new deck on the canal side of your property. We realize this creates a major construction project for some of our owners. Our bulkheads across the island are approaching the end of their originally engineered life, and many have already failed completely. It was never the desire of your Board to have to deal with this problem—we just have to play the hand we were dealt. This process was started prior to Hurricane Harvey.



We continue to be encouraged by what we hear and see from our local officials regarding the recovery progress in and around Aransas County and Rockport. As Mayor Wax said at our Annual Meeting, “recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint.” The Board feels like we’ve been sprinting lately. With your continued support and encouragement, all of our hard work will come to fruition soon.


Together, we will rebuild.


President, KACPOA


P. S. Apologies for skipping the April report. Sometimes life gets in the way.



Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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