Public Realm Committee Update

The KACPOA Board would like to update everyone on the great progress the Public Realm Committee is making towards redevelopment of the common areas and facilities on the island.


The Public Realm Committee has been charged with putting together a budget and plan to identify, refurbish, beautify and expand community spaces on Key Allegro for the greater good and enjoyment of all residents.  The committee is also charged with working on safety issues such as island lighting and signage.


This last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the committee met with urban planner Mark Schnell and landscape architect Adam Barbe to review the final process of designs, plans, logistics, bidding and timing for numerous projects. These include Bay Shore beach area and end of Bay Shore at Albatross; Blue Heron park (Blue Heron at Blue Heron Circle); all road circles and islands across Key Allegro; and the Allegro House complex including the building, pool and parking areas. The entrance parks are on hold pending designs of the new bridge system.


The committee worked over 20 hours during these planning sessions, along with numerous previous meetings, site visits and phone calls. In the next 60 days you will see new street signs being installed across the island, and a test LED lighting project being installed on Bay Shore. Both of these projects will be funded mainly by the city of Rockport and AEP. A rough timeline for kicking off all other projects includes December for road island and circles, as well as Blue Heron park. Full plans for the Allegro House complex will be presented at the annual meeting in February with construction starting early spring. A decision was made to remodel the Allegro House community center building and revitalize the outdoor spaces.


Of course, all of this timing is dependent on contractor availability which most of you know has been challenging on your own remodel and building projects.


The committee will begin sharing final plans for public review in the next 30 to 60 days. We will post renderings and plans on the website, along with alerting owners via email.


I want to personally thank committee chairwoman Lynn Powers as well as our committee members Kathy Snyder, Don Rae, John Schwarz, Susan O’Bryant, and Jeremy Fernandes for their tireless efforts.


Also, regarding the special damage assessment levied back in October of last year, we have collected approximately 85% of the total funds. As a reminder, the special assessment is due, in full, by September 31, 2018.


Together, we will rebuild.


President, KACPOA

Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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