Letter to Key Allegro Residents – Six Weeks After

Well sometimes you just have to ask yourself why is it all happening like this. With the recent lunar tides that have now destroyed sections of our just recently restored and re-graded Bay Shore shoreline, you just have to sit back and laugh a bit. Mother Nature still thinks highly of Key Allegro, I know she does. She’s got an odd sense of humor, however.



And the piles of debris seem to grow by themselves overnight. But the trucks are here as of today. I know we’ll all feel a bit better once we can walk our streets without dodging mountains of lumber and roofing. It will all be gone at some point.



But it’s easier to criticize than create. So let’s get to creating.



Canal Debris


As I’ve mentioned, we’ve started removing floating and large exposed debris from the canals. This is in an effort to keep it from getting worse once north winds begin to blow. We hope to complete this in approximately 3 weeks. You will see debris being staged at the entrance for a period of time since we have yet to secure another staging area within the island.



Common Grounds


Tuesday of this coming week we will start sorting and removing debris from our common grounds so that we can make way for mowing and assessing restoration at some future date.



Street Debris


As you may have read in my previous post, FEMA contracted debris trucks and trailers are now here. They came on the island today and will work throughout. Please be patient as they block streets for short periods of time to move heavy equipment. As we can, we will come in behind with a street sweeper to remove fallen debris. Note the location of where Debris needs to be staged on your property—basically between the first expansion joint in your driveway and the street.



Allegro House


Continues to be our offices. We’ve received our first pass of insurance settlement and are preparing bids to see what the future holds for this community asset. We are looking at options since this facility should benefit our homeowners more than it had in the past.





Your board is very being very progressive about rebuilding the island into the best community on the Texas coast. And that is what we intend to do. Of course this will put a strain on our already strained budget. We’ve all got to think this is a new day for KA, and pinching pennies will not bring us back. That said, we are being very pragmatic in our stewardship of funds. We will be finalizing our assessment needs at the coming Monday board meeting.





The checkpoint at the entrance is getting harder and harder to manage and keep open. We can’t legally stop anyone from entering. However, we are obviously a deterrent since our personnel can call the police on suspicious activity. There is support for a study to perhaps have something similar permanently in the future. But that comes with challenges as our streets are public.



Last, let’s please keep our thoughts and support with those in Rockport who have lost everything. Everywhere we go to shop or eat, Beth and I hear a story of real struggles. Help out those in need when and where you can.



Together, we will rebuild.




Dave Foster
Dave Foster
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